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Animal Control

Dog Licenses

By March 31st of each year, all dog owners must register their animal with the Village of Bellevue. Dog licenses require proof the animal has been given its rabies shot.



Feral Cat Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) Program

The Village of Bellevue has created a feral cat trap, neuter, and return (TNR) program in conjunction with Cats Anonymous. The TNR program is a humane way to control the feral cat population. In this program, cats are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, given a rabies shot and returned to their original location under the care of an individual called a caretaker. Feral cats that have been spayed or neutered have a cropped ear like the cat pictured at left. If you are caring for a feral/semi-feral, outdoor or barn cat and would like to participate in the TNR program, please contact the Animal Control/Humane Officer, Monica Hoff at the phone number listed below. The veterinarians at Cats Anonymous are volunteer veterinarians. To assist in covering the cost of medicine and anesthetics, Cats Anonymous suggests, but does not require, a $50 donation for cats participating in the TNR program.

Dogs/Dogs/Dogs (and cats too!)

Checklist for dog owners:

  • Does your dog (and cat too) have a license? This is not your rabies tag; it is a license you obtain from the Village.
  • When you walk your dog off your property; it needs to be on a leash and pick up the waste.
  • Please keep the dog waste in your yard to minimum
  • Please make sure your dog is not greeting all people walking by the yard. Remember, some people are fearful, allergic or just do not care for a strange dog approaching them. Additionally, if they are walking a dog, the two may not get along. NO DOG or CAT should be loose while off their owners property.
  • Do you keep your dog and/or cat from creating a disturbance in the neighborhood?
  • Every dog (and cats too) should wear a collar with owners id on it. Cats should wear a breakaway collar to prevent injury from snagging.

Critter Corner

Baby Wildlife: LEAVE THEM ALONE! Mother animals do not hang around their babies since it draws attention to them. Babies survive by staying hidden and not moving. If an animal appears injured or in a dangerous location call Animal Control at (920) 819-6709 or the Wild Life Sanctuary at (920) 391-3671 or (920) 391-3685.

It is against the law and dangerous to keep wild animals if you do not have permits, even if you plan on releasing them. For more information about rescuing wildlife or deterring their presence call the numbers above.

Trapping: Before setting any trap read this and plan ahead

  • Trapping is only leagal on your own property unless you have a DNR trapping license and you have the permission of the property owner in a designated hunting/trapping area.
  • Even on your own property you must follow DNR regulations
  • If you decide to trap you must check your trap daily and remove the animal
  • Releasing animals on public property or on provate property without the permission of the property owner is illegal
  • DO NOT TRAP IN SPRING! You may create baby animal orphans that will starve to death without their mother.
  • DO NOT LEAVE TRAPS SET AT NIGHT! You may need to be prepared to deal with a skunk in your trap.
  • Before trapping please contact animal control for assistance in dealing with wildlife.

Contact Information

Shane Lestrund is the Village's Animal Control/Humane Officer. He can be contacted by calling (920) 530 -1044.

If you notice a stray or wild animal that is out of control and causing harm to persons or property, please contact Shane immediately. If he is unavailable, contact the Brown County Sheriff department at (920) 391-7450.

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