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Snow and Ice Control

Snow Plowing & Ice Control Plan

Every snow event in the great state of Wisconsin is not the same, so every plow event is unique. The Public Works Department wants to do all it can to reduce the impact on our residents by making roads as safe as possible during snow conditions. We aim to quickly open the streets and make them safely passable to traffic. The Village of Bellevue has a “typical response” or standards we follow for every snow event. We have two classifications of roadways, primary and secondary, and those roads are treated differently and have different standards for triggering dispatching onto those roadways.

Primary Roadways
Priority Roadway snow routes consist of major, non-County or State roadways that carry the most traffic within the Village or are high commercial areas. Primary roadways are plowed and/or salted during each snow event with no minimum snowfall amount that triggers us to dispatch plows after a snow event. Our goal for our primary roadways is to keep them free and clear of snow and ice after a winter weather event.

Secondary Roadways
Secondary Roadways consist of the remaining roads and cul-de-sacs. There is a typical standard of a 2” snowfall event that will trigger plows to dispatch onto secondary roadways. When there is a snowfall event of 2” or more, we will dispatch the plows to do a full-plow, curb to curb on the secondary roadways as well as maintain our primary roadways.

Please keep in mind that these standards are a guideline and may vary depending on roadway temperatures, air temps before & after the snowfall, amount of snow, day of the week and/or future forecasts.


The property owner is responsible for clearing snow and/or ice on the sidewalk abutting their property within 48 hours of snowfall. 

  • Deposit all snow onto your property; do not dump it into the street
  • You are responsible for clearing ice and snow on your sidewalk; ice can be more dangerous and intimidating than snow
  • The sooner and more thoroughly you shovel, the less likely ice will form
  • Arrange for someone to shovel while you are on vacation
  • If you own a business or apartment complex adjacent to your sidewalk, instruct your maintenance staff (or contractor) not to place snow on the sidewalk

Download our Sidewalk Shoveling Brochure

Snow & Ice Control FAQs

For more information on policies and procedures related to the Village's Snow & Ice Control plan, please read our frequently asked questions page or select from one of the menu options on the left.


Click on the images below to see the Primary Roadway route map along with the Village owned Sidewalk Snow Removal map.


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