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Tree and Bench Sponsor Program

Through the Memorial Tree and Bench Program anyone can provide a unique dedication to honor a friend, relative, or member of an organization by placing a tree or bench in one of Bellevue’s Parks. 

This dedication provides a lasting memory and enhances the meaning of a tree or bench to others. The gift is also a valuable contribution to our park system to be used and enjoyed by all.

Tree Sponsors

The cost of a memorial tree is $425. This price includes the tree, plaque on recognition board, regular maintenance including fertilizing, pruning and mulching. The trees are 2 – 2 ½ inches in diameter, balled and burlapped. Trees will be planted at the appropriate time of the year to ensure optimal growth (typically May & October as weather permits). The six tree species available for this program are shown below.

Honeylocust – Great tree for difficult climates. Very water thrifty and heat tolerant. Upright, spreading, uniform branches with finely textured, dark green, fern-like foliage which turns golden-yellow in fall. Typical height 60-80’.

Ginko – A large, deciduous member of the conifer tree with unique fan-shaped leaves. Foliage turns a brilliant yellow color in the Fall. Gingko is long-lived and highly tolerant. Typical height 40-50'

Swamp White Oak – Large lowland tree. One of the easiest oaks to transplant. Prefers slightly acidic soils. Typical height 65-75’.

Kentucky Coffeetree – An ugly duckling in youth, maturing into a graceful swan. Its bluish-green compound leaves give a lacy appearance in summer. The flaking bark and bold branching add winter interest. Typical height 50-60’.

Elm – An All-American tree that once lined many streets and filled our parks, until Dutch Elm Disease wiped out most of the population. Disease tolerant cultivars are now available! Large, fast growing tree perfect for any area. Typical height 50-60'.

Bench Sponsors

The cost of a memorial bench is $950. The price includes a six foot bench with a back plaque, and installation on a concrete pad. Benches will be installed in the early summer or fall.

How to Order?

To order, please download and complete the following:

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