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Garbage and Recycling

Harter's Fox Valley Disposal is the Village's garbage and recycling hauler. The garbage and recycling carts are owned by Harter's which means they are rented by the residents of the Village and should be left at a residence should you move. The carts will also be serviced anytime by Harter's at no additional cost to the residents; please call Harter's at (715) 446-5400 or (888) 804-8556 for any repairs. The monthly charges which are on the utility bill are for garbage and recycling collection, cart rental, fuel charges, and general administration.

Garbage is a weekly collection based on the garbage pickup map. Recycling is bi-weekly with the same collection map, please see calendar below for collection weeks. Garbage and recycling collection will be delayed one day for observance for the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

If your street is missed for collection, residents are encouraged to contact Harter's directly and leave garbage/recycling bins at the curb until pick-up is scheduled.

2023 Garbage & Recycling Calendar

2023 Garbage & Recycling


Garbage Cart Placement

Garbage Pickup MapGarbage Route

All single family homes are provided new 95 gallon carts; the mobile homes are provided new 65 gallon carts. Homes that would like to switch our their cart for different sizes should contact Harter's at (715) 446-5400 or (888) 804-8556. Harter's may charge a delivery fee that needs to be paid prior to the switch. Please view the garbage bin placement diagram for proper placement of carts.

If residents need additional carts, there is an annual charge that is paid directly to Harter's each year along with an additional charge on the monthly utility bill for collection services.

Unacceptable Garbage Items

Unacceptable items for ALL containers

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Additional unacceptable items for Commercial/Residential containers

Large Items
Miscellaneous Large Items
Construction Material
Vehicle Parts

Unacceptable Materials for Dumpsters Infographic

Large Item Collection

Residents who need large items collected need to contact Harter's at (715) 446-5400 or (888) 804-8556 to arrange collection along with pre-payment of large item collections services. Large items are generally collected the week opposite recycling collection. General pricing for large items is furniture, electronics or non-Freon appliances $30.00 per item and Freon appliances generally $50.00 per item. Additional questions on large item collection should be directed to Harter's at (715) 446-5400 or (888) 804-8556.

Dumping Prohibited

Remember that it is illegal to dump or dispose of garbage, rubbish, refuse, liquid or solid waste material including oil, sludge, sewage (excluding animal waste used as fertilizer) or waste liquids of any kind or nature, on any property which is located in the Village.