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Special Assessments

For information on current projects subject to Special Assessments see the Current & Future Projects page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
For FAQ's regarding the Village's construction program and special assessments please refer to our Construction/Assessments Frequently Asked Questions handout.


  • Special assessments are charges for a portion of the cost of street, alley, drive approach, and sidewalk improvements that are assessed, per State Statute, to abutting properties by action of the Public Works Department and the Village Board.
  • A special assessment is a charge made by the Village against properties to pay the cost of improvements which are constructed to serve abutting or adjacent properties. The process apportions the cost to those properties which are most benefited by the improvements. The entire special assessment process is governed by State Statutes and Bellevue Municipal Code of Ordinances.
  • Assessments are used as a method of financing major construction to offset the principal and interest of loans used for construction and major maintenance. Assessments per property typically only occur once every 20-25 years. Assessments help keep the property taxes lower for the Village.
  • The costs associated with the project are divided up between the total numbers of lots in the project area. Therefore, the size of your lot or lot frontage does not impact the cost per lot.

Notification Process: The notification process is as follows:

  1. As prescribed by State Statute, owners of property abutting a proposed street or alley improvement are first notified of the Village’s intent to make such an improvement. There will generally be a public information meeting prior to the public hearing to answer any additional questions and will inform residents of the date on which a public hearing before the Village Board will be held.
  2. A public hearing is held and the Village Board votes at their next meeting on proceeding with the proposed improvements.
  3. Property owners are notified of the Village Board’s action and the estimated cost of the improvement.

Billing & Payment Options:

Bills are typically sent out in September or October and may be paid in full without interest within 30 days of invoice. If the bill is not paid in full within 30 days, those charges will be levied on your annual property tax bill with interest. Payments are due annually over a 10 year period on the tax bill.

Assessments can be paid off early, and interest is charged only on the remaining principal.

Communication to property owners starts well in advance of the planned construction and public hearings. Postcards are mailed, newsletter articles are listed, as well as Facebook, and Blog posts provided throughout the year on the topic. As the time for construction and assessment hearings draw near, additional letters are sent to the property owners for that construction year with additional information.

Once construction has started, bi-weekly updates are posted on the Village website. Door hangers are used to communicate significant upcoming events that will impact your property.

For information regarding financing and your bill please contact Michelle Seidl, WCMC, CMC, Director of Finance/Clerk-Treasurer at (920) 593-5511.

For information about special assessment projects, please contact Teal Spellman, P.E., Director of Public Works at (920) 593-5507.