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GIS and Mapping

Welcome to the Village of Bellevue GIS Program!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a rapidly growing technological field that incorporates graphical features with relationship databases and tables in order to assess real world problems. At the simplest level, GIS can be thought of as a computer science field. GIS can produce paper maps quickly and efficiently and is capable of storing data in an easily accessible digital format which enables complex analysis and modeling that was not previously possible. The reach of GIS expands into all disciplines and has been used for analyzing a wide range of issues, from prioritizing the habitats sensitive species to determining optimal real estate locations for new businesses.

GIS operates on many levels. At the most basic level, GIS is used for computer cartography such as in the mapping of geospatial data. The real power in GIS comes from using spatial data (e.g. points, polygons, lines, survey and GPS data, etc.), relationship database technology, 3-D imaging, networks, computer programming, and geostatistical methods to analyze geographic information. The end result of the analysis can be derivative information, interpolated information, or prioritized information.

Contact Information:

Tim Hennig, GIS/IT Manager
Phone: (920) 468-5225
FAX: (920) 468-4196
2828 Allouez Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54311


How does the Village of Bellevue benefit from GIS?

GIS is an information system that is used to input, store, retrieve, manipulate, analyze, and output spatial and non-spatial data. The data is then used to support decision making for the planning and management of Village services including public works, community development, assessor, clerk/treasurer, police services, fire protection, leisure services, and administration.

The public can gain access to the GIS data by accessing Bellevue's interactive mapping sytem, download PDF maps from the Village of Bellevue's website, or by stopping into the administration building and requesting needed information.

What's new:

The Village of Bellevue recently developed an online interactive mapping system that can help businesses, developers, government agencies, and residents make sound GIS decisions. For example, if a commercial business is interested in establishing their operations within the Village of Bellevue, they may want to access various online GIS tools to help them make geospatial decisions regarding zoning, existing or future land uses, environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs), street access, census information, and so forth.

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