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Child Exchange Zone

  • Parental Custodial exchanges happen every day, in parking lots of restaurants, stores and gas stations. These areas are often less than ideal.
  • The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide an option for citizens looking for a location to conduct custodial child exchanges.
  • These areas will allow parents to have a safe location to exchange children per custodial agreements or court orders.
  • This neutral territory is under 24 hour surveillance. The area is painted orange and has signs so the zone is easy to find.

  • Please note these locations are not a drop off where parents can leave children for a later pick up time. All exchanges must be person to person.
  • It is recommended that people doing exchanges have a cellphone with them during exchanges.
  • While the area is constantly recorded, it may not always be monitored by live personnel.
    • There are now two Child Exchange Zones in the County. One east and one west of the Fox River.


The East side Child Exchange Zone is located in the front parking lot of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, 2684 Development Drive, Green Bay, WI.

Orange area on map shows location in lot.

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