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License & Permits

Bicycle Licenses

All bikes in the Village of Bellevue with inflated wheels greater than 16 inches in diameter are required to be licensed. In order to issue a license, we need to know the serial number, make, model, speed, wheel size and color.

There is a $5.00 non-expiring fee for the license. The license is good for as long as you own the bike. Should you sell or give the bike to another person, you should inform them that they must register the bike in the community in which it will be kept. Always remember to wear a bike helmet; it prevents head injury and may save your life!

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are available at the Village Office (2828 Allouez Ave.). All dogs over the age of five (5) months are required to be licensed annually.

License fees are $7.00 for a spayed/neutered dog; un-spayed/un-neutered dogs are $30.00.

Dog licenses must be obtained or renewed no later than March 31st each calendar year (per State Statute). A late charge of $5.00 will be charged for any license issued after March 31st. The late fee does not apply to puppies which were under five (5) months of age on March 31st. You must bring in a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian in order to be issued a license.

In addition, to be eligible for the spayed/neutered rate, you must provide documentation of the procedure from your veterinarian.

If your dog was licensed in the previous year in Bellevue, it will not be necessary to show proof of rabies if the vaccinations are not expired. Also, it will not be necessary to show proof that the dog is spayed or neutered if you are renewing a license. All licensing fees or proof required can also be mailed to the Village Office for processing.

Liquor Licenses

Operators Licenses

No premises operated under a "Class A", "Class B", or "Class C" license may be open for business unless there is upon the premises either the licensee or permittee, the agent named in the license if the licensee is a corporation or limited liability company, or some person who has an operator's license and who is responsible for the acts of all persons selling or serving any intoxicating liquor to customers.

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