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Online Maps

Please be aware that published maps are intended for advisory purposes only. Information & data shown on these maps are general representations only and should NOT be used for legal documentation, boundary survey determinations, or other property-related issues. This information is based on sources believed to be reliable, but the Village of Bellevue distributes this information on an As Is basis. No warranties are implied.

Click on the following hyperlink regarding information about Bellevue’s online mapping and system requirements.

Click here to access Bellevue’s online mapping webpage

Click here to access Bellevue's Mobile GIS Application

The Village of Bellevue’s Community Development Department is pleased to offer an interactive mapping application on its website for existing and potential residents, businesses, and customers. This useful technology can help you access information about Public Works projects, Community Development/Economic Development questions, park amenities, voting information, addresses, tax parcels, business information, streets, and much more. The web mapping site provides geographic information from various sources including the Village of Bellevue, Brown County, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The goal of Bellevue's public GIS is to provide our residents, developers, and public agencies with easy access to Bellevue specific geographic information via the Internet and mobile device.

Please note, the Village of Bellevue manages and develops numerous GIS/CAD datasets and databases. The interactive web mapping system only provides a small portion of data that is available to the public, namely the data that is most frequently requested. If you are in search of additional data that’s not available on the web, please email the GIS/IT Manager at:920-593-5514.

Interactive Maps

The following are interactive maps that up-to-date.  Search based on address or parcel number.

Community Development

Public Works

Public Safety Miscellaneous

Story Maps:

PDF Maps

The following PDF maps are published and available for download:

Some helpful web mapping hyperlinks:


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