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Village Strategic Plan

2020-2024 Strategic Plan
Starting in October 2019, the Village will begin updating its Strategic Plan for 2020-2024.  The Village is also planning on reaching out to community stakeholders, as well as the general public for input on what should be included in the new Strategic Plan.  The Village wants to make sure everybody in the community is represented. As such, besides the general public, specific stakeholder groups have been identified, with meetings held specifically for those groups to provide their perspectives.  The community engagement sessions schedule - as well as locations - is listed below. Please be sure to check whether the meeting you would like to attend is located at our Community Center (1811 Allouez Avenue) or our Public Safety/Municipal Building (3100 Eaton Road). Each of the meetings will begin at 6:00 PM.

The Community Engagement Sessions have ended. Please complete the survey (described below).

If you are unable to attend one of the above-listed community engagement sessions, please complete the 2020 - 2024 Strategic Plan Update survey, here. This will help Village Staff identify what matters most to our stakeholders.

For those who were unable to attend the business stakeholder engagement session, please complete the business stakeholder survey here.  When complete, please submit the completed survey via email, here.
2015-2019 Strategic Plan

The Village adopted the Village of Bellevue Strategic Plan 2015-2019 in 2014 to assist with Village goal setting and meeting objectives within a 5-year timeframe.  Provided below are the five strategic areas as identified in the plan.

Graphic of 5 strategic areas

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