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Ash Tree Options

I Have an Ash Tree, Now What?

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle spreading throughout Wisconsin, threatening our ash trees, and it has been found in Bellevue. Once an infestation has occurred, it takes only a few years to see the effects and is 100% lethal if the tree is not treated with the appropriate insecticide.  So how can you help?  Know that if you do not treat your ash tree, regardless of location, it will eventually succumb to the effects of EAB and need to be removed. 

Your options are:
● Treat your street tree with insecticide through our Adopt-an-Ash program (see more information below).
    ● T
reat your street tree with insecticide by yourself or through a tree company.  This option needs prior approval from the Village. 
    ● Remove and eventually replace your street tree.  The Village absorbs the cost of removal and replacement of ash street trees.   

Should you want to treat the street tree yourself or through a contractor, you must call the Village Forester at 468-5225 for approval.  Please know that if you would like to treat your tree, it is a commitment of 10 treatments over 20 years.  It will take this long to completely ensure that EAB will no longer be a threat to the ash trees in the Village. 

If you choose removal and replacement of your street tree, you can complete an application for a Resident Street Tree and the Village Forester will work with you on scheduling removal and replacement. 

Adopt-an-Ash (Ash Tree Insecticide Treatment)

The Village of Bellevue is asking residents to help protect and sponsor local trees for insecticide treatment.

Insecticides will be applied in spring. Treatment works best when applied in May and June, depending on temperature and rainfall.  Once the borer has burrowed into a tree, it is harder to protect the tree from dying, though it is possible to save a tree with less than 50% canopy dieback. We need to take preventative measures now.

Here is where you come in: There are over 1000 public ash trees looking for your support. Help save one or more public ash trees!  You can select a specific tree to adopt (such as the one in the right-of-way in front of your property) or make a general contribution toward the Adopt-an-Ash program. Think about saving a street tree in front of your house or a tree in your neighborhood park.

With your donation, the Village will apply a 2-year insecticide treatment. To be considered for the Spring EAB treatment please contact the Village Offices at 468-5225 before April 15 each year.  For more information, check out the Adopt-an-Ash brochure.


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