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What's New

2024 Bike Plan Survey
Participate in a survey and provide feedback regarding the present and future pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the Village of Bellevue.
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What’s New w/the Huron Road Corridor Plan?
Track the status of what’s been happening & what’s to come with the Huron Road Corridor Plan! Visit for the most up to date information
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Village Updates
Click the “Village Updates” icon (below the search bar) to view the MOST RECENT updates from the Village of Bellevue. Or visit:
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2024 Memorial Day - Garbage & Recycling Pick-up
Due to the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, Garbage pick up the week of Monday, May 27, will be delayed by one (1) day. The regular scheduled pickup on Friday, 05/31 will be picked up on Saturday, 06/01.
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Summer Parking Regulations
Starting April 1st, summer seasonal vehicles and trailers (including boats, jet skis, motor homes, campers) are permitted to be parked on a residential driveway or on a (permitted) hard surface located on the side of the home. No vehicle or trailer can be parked on a grass/dirt/gravel surface outside of the rear yard and any vehicle parked on a driveway shall also be parked so as to not extend into the Village Right-of-Way (generally where the sidewalk exists or would exist if there was one present).
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Dog License - 2024 Year is Now Open!
Dog licenses must be obtained or renewed by March 31st each calendar year (per State Statute).
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